Tuesday, April 21, 2009

prince charming

thank you for being an amazing father to our children. i try not to take your involvement for granted. thank you for keeping me smiling and laughing, even when i want to cry. thanks for letting me sleep in somedays.. even when you really want to. thank you for letting me lay on the couch when we watch tv at night. thanks for always putting our families needs before your own. thanks for making the dogs food and taking them for walks. thanks for taking crazy self portraits like the one above with the camera, and not telling me.. so i find them myself. thanks for working so hard to that i can only work part time. thanks for our date nights. thanks for the million times you have painted rooms in this house. and the million more times you will paint in the future. thanks for being the finance man in our house, yet driving the less desirable vehicle. thanks for staying true to your dreams and values. thanks for being my prince charming. i love you.