Friday, April 17, 2009

garage sale.

as i am going thru things around the house to put in a garage sale next weekend, i can't believe how many clothes ava had/has/will have. she has always had the most clothes in the house, and as i go thru multiple tubs of her old clothes, to either dress florie in, sell, or keep i am a little embarrassed. the good news is, florie is moslty set for spring. they are a little off in seasons, but maybe flors will hit a growth spurt here. i am also getting rid of more clothes than i have in the past. currently, we are content with three kids. i don't believe this will change, but sometimes god's plan is greater than mine. either way.. i do not need this excessive amount of clothing. wish i had that much myself. maybe the cash i earn will provide me with some fun spring updates.

no pics of the kids today. pinky swear to have some next time.
for now.. get outside and enjoy the weather!


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