Friday, July 31, 2009

fave foto friday

caught off guard

florie at the park

vinnie at the park

yes she always wears that pink dress :)

vin shows me his teeth

i found florie here one day.. just chilling like a teenager on a chair


Thursday, July 30, 2009

my guys...

this starts off four new posts.. can you believe it? maybe i could spread them out instead of doing four at once? naw... this keeps me good for a couple of days now.

have a great weekend!

mighty massie's

adventures with the massie kids are a part of a typical week for us. parks, pools, children's museum are just some of us locations.

this week i caught some good shots of them at the park-





it only took a year...

well, after one year.. we are fairly sure this is the first picture where all three children are looking at the camera. maybe i shouldn't post it here, and send it as our christmas card... hmm.

oh.. and p.s. it seems like many of the pictures i post on here the kids are in the cribs. they don't hang out in there all day.. i promise.



it's all about perspective, right?

this week, as i read another mommy blog, i was brought to tears on more than one occasion. she has a son, who is just 9 months old, who struggles with a racing heart. at one point, she blogged about how her parents and family were coming down, because she wasn't sure what was happening, that he was crashing, and it didn't look good. he is much better now, and hopefully will be going home soon.

as i read her blog, and prayed for both the health of her son and my kids, i realized how precious life is. i know we all say it all the time, but do we really live that way?

reading her blog has given me a fresh perspective. i could have a child in the hospital, or worse, one who was struggling for his life. i could have three kids at home who aren't exactly sure what is going on, when their mommy is with their brother for long periods of time at the hospital.

but i don't. i need to remember that. this week, i am trying to look at things differently. i am more patient with my children. i give them extra love when they want it, and even when they don't. i pay less attention to my own needs, and focus on what other's need or want. i try to see the best in people. i am aware that life really is precious.

hug your kids, grandkids and loved ones a little longer next time. i promise you won't regret it.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hats off (or on) to you....

vinnie was loving when i put these hats on him.. and laughed harder when i put them on myself. if you ask me, he wears pink well.

florie wasn't as into the hats.. but i snapped a few photos of her as well. i think she has flashbacks to her helmet, and rips it off as soon as it goes on.


a few adventures of ava

ooh... i bet you are thinking.. a tuesday post? that is unlike her. i know, i know. i always am hopeful to post more often, but clearly don't.

anyhow.. we are in full swing of the three year old behavior.

most of you are aware, ava is a pretty picky eater. she eats only to take the edge off, and never overindulges. kind of like her mom... ha ha. i wish i had that habit.
anyhow... she always announces she doesn't like something when offered, even though most of the time she has never tried it. we were eating dinner on saturday night, and ava decided to dip her french fries in blue cheese dressing. she loved it. says no thank you to ketchup, but blue cheese was a hit. go figure.

then.. on sunday night, we were at a park with a bunch of high school friends and their children. we had a great time, and dallas and her family even made the trip down for it. we walked back to our cars, and dallas and i were visiting for a minute on the curb while the dads loaded the kids up. ava's favorite thing is to pretend to drive. little did we know that she was also loading the CD player with coins. hmm... now there is no radio in our car. needs to be fixed for sure. i am guessing i will try to talk really nicely to JP to see if he will help scott. that is only the second naughty thing she has done... not that she is prefect, but hasn't really engaged in any other behavior like that, other than when she colored black crayon all over her bedroom walls. (thanks to melaleuca.. it came off easily)

yesterday... she told me she wanted "to be like mommy". she proceeded to put my blush on her lips... and said that it was lipstick, and now she looked like mommy.
we were laughing about it, and she loved checking herself out in the mirror.

as i sit here typing, she is laughing hysterically at CLIFFORD on tv. i can't help but smile. i mean.. look at that face... wouldn't you?


Friday, July 24, 2009

fave foto friday

this week is dedicated to the action shots...

sibling love

mealtime.. what? you don't think going over to them every minute or so, and sitting them back in their chairs doesn't sound like fun?

one of ava's favorite presents.. her DORA packpack

florence being florence.. checking everything out

ahhh.. and one of my favorite moments. at the end of a weekend at the lake, they fall asleep on the way home, and transfer to their bed easily

nothing new to report. just thankful for our own and loved ones health and happiness. we are blessed in so many ways.


Friday, July 17, 2009

mini me?

we were at my dad's house a couple weeks ago,
and scott went outside to talk to margie's friend carrie.
he was holding vinnie.

her response was... "holy mini me".
seems pretty accurate.


fave foto friday florence

first, my apologies, as auntie observed, i cheated yall.
the last two postings were the same of florie.
truth be told, i didn't take many.. if any pictures between those two postings.
seems like scott is the photographer lately.

can't believe this cold weather. speaking of cheated... where is my summer? i am a teacher for a reason after all. kidding. i am a teacher for the kids.. not my summers.

this week, you get three pictures of each child.

the serious look..

so proud of her climbing accomplishment

drinking from mom's cup is always better than your own


fave foto friday vincent

that silly hat

likes to stick out his tongue

another picture?


fave foto friday ava

the new thing is silly faces for the camera...

notice the baby in her dress.. her attempt at a baby bjorn.

they all love to ewar this on their heads.. pretty cute, huh?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fave foto friday (on wednesday)

summer is flying by. although it has been a quite cool summer, cooler than i like.. i can't complain about the weather. we have been outside everyday for as long as i can remember. the fresh air does wonders for the kids and me.

nothing too new to report. vinnie isn't walking yet... we are patiently waiting. i have to admit, as much as i would like him to walk.. i am glad that when we are in public places, there aren't two one year old wandering around.

florence so far is our only child who will willingly talk to strangers, or really has no shyness to be seen. it is interesting.. there are advantages and disadvantages to shyness. ava and vinnie stick close to me.. which is good because i always know where they are. it can at times prove to be frustrating though, as i can't "shake them" when i would like to. florie.. feels comfortable immediately, which leads to caring less where i am. which one is better? not sure one is better.

i hope your summer is swell.



Friday, July 3, 2009

fave foto friday

here it is.. i know i have been a slacking on the updates.
below you will see that today we celebrate vinnie and florie turning one.
i think especially this year, it is a celebration scott and i take pride in. a year ago tonight, we had newborns! florence weighed 4 pounds 11 ounces. vinnie was my biggest child, at 6 pounds 10 ounces. we were about to embark on something indescribable. tough moments, yes.. but terrific moments outweigh those by far.
i love my three kids. my husband. my dogs. i am a lucky lady.

happy fourth of july.


happy birthday flors!

florence james. independent. funny. social. sweet. curious. loving. loved. fabulous. thanks for enriching my days and enlightening my life. you are one special girl. i love you dollie.

happy birthday buddy!

vincent king. snuggles. smiles. momma's boy. sweet. sensitive. loves to wrestle. adorable. adored. simply vibrant. thanks my making my days sweeter and life easier. i love you dudie.