Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a few adventures of ava

ooh... i bet you are thinking.. a tuesday post? that is unlike her. i know, i know. i always am hopeful to post more often, but clearly don't.

anyhow.. we are in full swing of the three year old behavior.

most of you are aware, ava is a pretty picky eater. she eats only to take the edge off, and never overindulges. kind of like her mom... ha ha. i wish i had that habit.
anyhow... she always announces she doesn't like something when offered, even though most of the time she has never tried it. we were eating dinner on saturday night, and ava decided to dip her french fries in blue cheese dressing. she loved it. says no thank you to ketchup, but blue cheese was a hit. go figure.

then.. on sunday night, we were at a park with a bunch of high school friends and their children. we had a great time, and dallas and her family even made the trip down for it. we walked back to our cars, and dallas and i were visiting for a minute on the curb while the dads loaded the kids up. ava's favorite thing is to pretend to drive. little did we know that she was also loading the CD player with coins. hmm... now there is no radio in our car. needs to be fixed for sure. i am guessing i will try to talk really nicely to JP to see if he will help scott. that is only the second naughty thing she has done... not that she is prefect, but hasn't really engaged in any other behavior like that, other than when she colored black crayon all over her bedroom walls. (thanks to melaleuca.. it came off easily)

yesterday... she told me she wanted "to be like mommy". she proceeded to put my blush on her lips... and said that it was lipstick, and now she looked like mommy.
we were laughing about it, and she loved checking herself out in the mirror.

as i sit here typing, she is laughing hysterically at CLIFFORD on tv. i can't help but smile. i mean.. look at that face... wouldn't you?


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