Sunday, October 25, 2009

first haircuts

ava and vinnie both got thier first haricuts EVER yesterday. vinnie had the sweetest curls in back, but the problem was.. they were only in back. he had quite the mullet. we cut ava's mostly to just get a trim, since i figured once every 3.5 years is a good idea, and to get it more even. she wasn't too happy about the whole thing. vinners didn't know any different, so he just sat and chilled in the chair.

fall harvest orchard

yesterday we ventured past delano for our annual orchard visit. we love this one, as it has many animals, pumpkins, apples, tractor rides, a snack shack, and a "corn bin" to play in.

grammy, jennie, olivia, miles and ruby joined us. we had a fabulous time.
we also stopped at the PIZZA RANCH for dinner in Delano. it was hilarious. the wait staff there is incredible. if you are ever in the area, stop by- the pizza isn't exactly delicious, but the show is spectacular.


fall harvest orchard part 2

fall harvest orchard part 3


ooh mexico...

sounds so simple, i just have to go.

and so we did. scott and i, along with our dear friends cara and jer were off to cancun for six days. admittedly, i was very anixous about leaving my children for the first time... i have been away overnight, but nothing longer than that.

also admittedly, i was quick to relax, and soak up the sun and tequila.
90 degrees, and only one cloudy was a great trip, with great friends. a great restoration for our marriage.. i know, you are probably surprised that we don't get much alone time in this life. :)

after six years, this was in honor of five years of marriage. what a lucky lady i am to have scott for my husband. he is charming, thoughtful, and a dynamite daddy. for more pictures, tune into facebook..

view from our hotel room-

the men in mexico-

the ladies lounging in the pool-

one of many tequila shots-

my favorite picture the whole trip-


fave foto florie

the smallest bottolene makes up for in personality what she lacks in size. she is determined, and loves to joke around. she is the strongest child we have physically, as she knows how to use her muscles much earlier than other kids her age. although she is the baby, she rivals her brother and knows how to gain control when she needs to.
she loves her blankie, and to greet you every time you walk in the room with a big smile and a "hiiiii".

she is the bottolene queen-


fave foto vincent

big dude has now been walking for nearly two months.. although 3 months later than his sister, you wouldn't know it now.
he loves animals, especially giving love to kobe and baxter. still a momma's boy, he is enjoying daddy time as well now. seemingly such a boy, he likes to wrestle, and is much rougher than the other two. his smile is bright and big, and he his greatest joy is playing with ava's toys (until she finds him of course).

our vincent king-

yes, in the third picture he is wearing one of ava's dresses. another perk of having two sisters i guess. they played dress up one day with dad, and ava picked the outfits.


fave foto ava

our sweet princess is doing fabulously in school. while leaving mom and dad is still a challenge every drop off, she pushes through and ends up having a great day. i think last week was the first time she actually declared herself it was "great". i am impressed with the teachers and variety of activities as well.

her new love is playing with princesses... we knew that wouldn't take long, but we are now in the full swing of ariel, jasmine, cinderella, sleeping beauty and snow white.

here is our princess-