Sunday, October 25, 2009

ooh mexico...

sounds so simple, i just have to go.

and so we did. scott and i, along with our dear friends cara and jer were off to cancun for six days. admittedly, i was very anixous about leaving my children for the first time... i have been away overnight, but nothing longer than that.

also admittedly, i was quick to relax, and soak up the sun and tequila.
90 degrees, and only one cloudy was a great trip, with great friends. a great restoration for our marriage.. i know, you are probably surprised that we don't get much alone time in this life. :)

after six years, this was in honor of five years of marriage. what a lucky lady i am to have scott for my husband. he is charming, thoughtful, and a dynamite daddy. for more pictures, tune into facebook..

view from our hotel room-

the men in mexico-

the ladies lounging in the pool-

one of many tequila shots-

my favorite picture the whole trip-


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