Friday, August 21, 2009

fave foto friday

my last post before returning to work. i will try to post pics either on thursday or friday night moving forward.. as i am actually going to be working on fridays. wow.. what a change that will be. i haven't worked a friday in over a year.
enjoy the last weeks...days...moments of summer.

with love...


Friday, August 14, 2009

fave foto friday ava

i picked these pics not because they are the best of her.. but show more the type of person she is. she loves to read, and curled up on the chair all on her own. she also loves to be silly with v and f.

miss ava. you are the queen of this house. you have grace, charm and a creative approach to anything you do. you are loving swimming this summer, and are up for any adventure we go on. you are a great big sister, and look out for v and f always. your concern and tender heart amazes me for a three year old. you almost always take 2 hours to be fully comfortable with new people and places. i say this often, but your beauty on the inside surpasses your pretty face any day. you have your share of tantrums since turning three. you are loyal, and concerned about the members of our family. you love to play with your cousins. you take in more than adults realize. you remember little details. i love when you say "i need you mom". i am lucky to call you mine.


fave foto friday vincent

vinners..dudie..vins..*yuddy* you continue to be the same boy you were at birth. you will snuggle with me at any moment.. and wish you had me all to yourself, and will often push your sisters away so you don't have to share.. if even for just one moment. you are getting braver on your feet too! standing by yourself..and even taking a few steps. this is a perfect example of how cautious you are, and how you like to wait everything out to see what will happen before you make any decisions (i have no idea where you get that from. maybe the same person you look like?) you love playing with little people, and have taken a special liking to the Dora one. you love to eat.. and are happy to dine all day if given the chance. you warm my heart on so many levels. thanks for being my boy. i love you.

* yuddy is what ava calls him, which i have now caught onto to.


fave foto friday florence

florence florence florence... you are full of spunk, determination, and curiosity. there is not a day that goes by that you don't find something "new" in our house that you can get your hands on. you keep me on my toes...yet always greet me with a warm smile, and are willing to share whatever it is you are getting into (like earlier this week it was dog food). you admire ava everyday, and want to do whatever it is she is doing. you prefer not to nap. especially if it means missing out on the fun in the other room. you are still such an active butterfly... moving and shaking wherever you go. your independence has not waned.. however.. you cuddle more now.. which i of course love. you are our little dollie. i love you more everyday.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

zoo, falls and sea salt

this summer has been full of adventures.
i am sad that in two weeks i go back to work.
i am taking on a new role this year, as a fifth grade teacher.. i will still be part-time, as i am job-sharing with a dear friend. although i am excited for my new endeavors... i am sad to leave my darlings here behind...

over the last two weeks we went to the zoo with my cara, jere, jack and callie.
we were able to feed the giraffes which was very cool. the kids checked out the new play area, and we were able to go inside with the goats...

then.. we went to see the minnehaha falls with amy and adam. we ventured up and down the many stairs, and then finally relaxed for lunch at SEA SALT. have you been? you should try it.. i guess there is normally quite the wait.. but it wasn't so bad the day we were there.

i have more posts coming up.. i decided not to go crazy all in one day, and then leave you hanging for several.

have a great week.


extended family...

friday night we attended my (mostly) cousin's wedding.
it was a nice ceremony, dinner and a great reception.

here are some photos of the extendeds...

big pete

margs and i get earn a sheriff badge

mike sike

dad and i

john, pete and michael


p and e

sarah and coby

the baby first cousins.. mike and erika

susie and john

my apologies.. i didn't get photos of all the attendees.


fave foto friday

without further ado...