Friday, August 14, 2009

fave foto friday vincent

vinners..dudie..vins..*yuddy* you continue to be the same boy you were at birth. you will snuggle with me at any moment.. and wish you had me all to yourself, and will often push your sisters away so you don't have to share.. if even for just one moment. you are getting braver on your feet too! standing by yourself..and even taking a few steps. this is a perfect example of how cautious you are, and how you like to wait everything out to see what will happen before you make any decisions (i have no idea where you get that from. maybe the same person you look like?) you love playing with little people, and have taken a special liking to the Dora one. you love to eat.. and are happy to dine all day if given the chance. you warm my heart on so many levels. thanks for being my boy. i love you.

* yuddy is what ava calls him, which i have now caught onto to.


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