Friday, August 14, 2009

fave foto friday ava

i picked these pics not because they are the best of her.. but show more the type of person she is. she loves to read, and curled up on the chair all on her own. she also loves to be silly with v and f.

miss ava. you are the queen of this house. you have grace, charm and a creative approach to anything you do. you are loving swimming this summer, and are up for any adventure we go on. you are a great big sister, and look out for v and f always. your concern and tender heart amazes me for a three year old. you almost always take 2 hours to be fully comfortable with new people and places. i say this often, but your beauty on the inside surpasses your pretty face any day. you have your share of tantrums since turning three. you are loyal, and concerned about the members of our family. you love to play with your cousins. you take in more than adults realize. you remember little details. i love when you say "i need you mom". i am lucky to call you mine.


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