Sunday, August 9, 2009

zoo, falls and sea salt

this summer has been full of adventures.
i am sad that in two weeks i go back to work.
i am taking on a new role this year, as a fifth grade teacher.. i will still be part-time, as i am job-sharing with a dear friend. although i am excited for my new endeavors... i am sad to leave my darlings here behind...

over the last two weeks we went to the zoo with my cara, jere, jack and callie.
we were able to feed the giraffes which was very cool. the kids checked out the new play area, and we were able to go inside with the goats...

then.. we went to see the minnehaha falls with amy and adam. we ventured up and down the many stairs, and then finally relaxed for lunch at SEA SALT. have you been? you should try it.. i guess there is normally quite the wait.. but it wasn't so bad the day we were there.

i have more posts coming up.. i decided not to go crazy all in one day, and then leave you hanging for several.

have a great week.


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