Monday, February 15, 2010

foto monday

can't really stick to a certain day.
all is well in bottolene land.

hope all is well with you. these aren't exactly my favorite. they just are fotos.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hide and seek.

a favorite game around our house lately, along with "ring around the rosie" is hide and seek. you are always welcome to come over and play with us. as you can see below, when vinnie and florie hide... it is nearly impossible to find them. even the final picture, vin is supposed to be "hiding"...


Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow angel?

sweet ava has spent the first part of the winter fussing and carrying on anytime a jacket was mentioned. she thinks they feel "tight", and didn't want to wear one. I can hardly blame her, as they aren't my favorite either.. however, i have learned that as a minnesotan, i need to embrace a good coat.

anyhow.. back to ava. it was early january, and scott and i held our breath as we dropped her at school. we both knew, that the teachers said "thursdays we go outside. you need a jacket, hat, mittens, snow pants and boots." early in the week we talked about practicing with her, and that she would need to do it at school. well, thursday rolled around and we never practiced. i went to work, and felt guilty for leaving the task to scott.

she came home that day.. completely in love with playing outside, and has worn her boots and jacket ever since. best money i have paid for preschool thus far.

here is the little snow angel-


Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

an email

as the technology world expands, my students, and even ava.. are becoming computer savvy.

the fifth graders all had an important paper due today. we told them they could print it at school if they arrived at 8, rather than 8:15 when school starts.

here is an email i received last night-

Dear Ms. Bottolene,
My name is David.
You probably remember me from
The Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School.
Last time I checked, I was one of your students.
I can't figure out a way to print my outline without coping and pasting,
and I probably will not come to school at eight o'clock.
I am sorry I couldn't properly in dent the second line, Gmail did not let me.

i thought it was hilarious. he clearly has a good sense of humor, even if he might be a bit obnoxious in the classroom.


rub a dub dub

three bottolene babies in a tub.

pardon the blurriness. it isn't an easy feat catching three still children.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

neglected again.

sorry. i can't seem to get the hang of this longer than a few days.
several entries follow.

happy february. the groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter? hmm.. i am ready for it to be over, but i don't think i am surprising any of you when i say that..

i am not a winter girl.


not enough credit.

there are two handsome, patient, loving, easy going, snuggle loving males under our roof that don't get enough credit. kobe and baxter tolerate, tolerate, tolerate. all the while, waiting patiently for it to be nap or bedtime, so they could get some time to snuggle. they look longingly at us for a ride in the car, however long or short.. just to get some peace and quiet.

i make them promise me on a regular basis they will never get old. they willingly obliged, as long as i promised them they could still get donuts on saturday mornings, sleep on the bed when either scott or i gets up, and to never forget they are around, ready to give us a kiss and love whenever we are ready.

thanks kobe and baxter. we love you.


fave fotos.. one of each.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

vincent king


wow.. 18 months go by, and it seems like a whirlwind. i remember the moment you came out, and we all laughed because you were heavier than ava at her birth weight. you know what you want, and go after it. you continue to love animals, laughing, and are curious about everything you aren't supposed to be. i must say, you are teaching me things these past months, as you are turning into such a "boy". not that i mind.. you save the snuggles for me.. which means i can still count on you to be my momma's boy.

you love your nooney, playing with ava toys, and still look forward to sleeping.

thanks for warming my heart with your smile. i love you.

florence james...

it is hard to believe you are 18 months today. i can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. for nearly two months i sat on the couch anticipating your arrival. wondering if you would really be a girl like they said. your dad and i decided on your name not long before you came.. and i couldn't think it was more perfect. you are totally a florence. you continue to be a joker, a helper, and a lover of climbing, mischief, and demanding your thoughts. your love for your siblings is overflowing.

i can't wait to see what the next 18 months brings sweet girl. thanks for keeping me on my toes. you brighten my every day. i love you.