Monday, April 6, 2009

nap time

well... i think i must admit nap time for ava is over. in the last two weeks, she has slept maybe three days. scott doesn't agree with me, but i am certain this is the path kids take when they don't need/want naps anymore. the other sign is, she really isn't so crabby in the evenings anymore, and the days she does nap.. is ready to party till 9 oclock.

she does a great job at staying in her bed. she entertains herself in a variety of ways. here is a picture of her in her "french hat" as she called it. you may know it as a pull-up diaper.

quiet time is still important.. maybe more for me than her. we will make a "rest basket" that she can do when she is in there.... resting.


  1. "French hat"? LOL! I think maybe she's thinking a chef's hat? Too funny and as always, too dang cute:)