Thursday, April 2, 2009

not one.. but two?

seems like things are better in pairs at our house.
we had one child, ava.. and she was so great, we decided we would get a two for one special. we were not disappointed. now.. and many of you may laugh.. we are the proud owners of not one... but TWO minivans. my dear grandma hyster passed a couple of months back, and scott is trading some painting of her place for her van. we now have two vehicles that can transport the whole family. we just need to equip the second with all the carseats.
maybe i will take a picture and post it soon. every time the garage door opens, it puts a smile on my face. who would have guessed?


  1. Glad you like the van! Arlene would be so happy to know her great grandbabies are being transported in her van:)


  2. Finally. A Bottolene blog. I want some abstract thoughts from your husband too, like the "Everything comes from Poop" theory. Make it happen.

  3. Totally, 'who knew?!?' 14 years ago we today we getting ready for spring break in Cancun, now you have two minivans! Awesome