Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bath time..

scott and ava were at swimming lessons tonight.. and since "mom days" are bath days... i ran the water in the sink for v and f. it is easier on my back to do it there, and plus.. they are so stinking cute when they can look at each other and laugh and play. i don't have to worry that one of them is going to face plant into the tub full of water.
i haven't updated on them recently.. and there is so much to tell. the prior post talks about their eating. so crazy to think they are now eating real people food... where did the last 10 months go? ha ha.
anyhow.. they are both pulling themselves up as often as they can. florie is by far at this moment better on her feet than the captain is. he still likes to stand on his tip toes, and has much more weight to get off the ground than she. either way... i sense walking in the future.. maybe closer than i suspected. flors likes to challenge herself by standing without hanging on instead of sleeping in her crib... she spends the first 20 minutes or so just standing up... seeing how long she can go. vin on the other hand.. is lights out just about the second after his head lays down. motherhood is so great. i was home for 12 days with all three kids.. and for only 1.5 hours of that time did i wish i was at work. summer is going to rock.

here are pictures of my princess and lion...

oh.. and by the way.. vinnie found his favorite man part during this photo shoot. it was quite fascinating to the little guy. boys will be boys.


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