Sunday, September 27, 2009

many firsts

i don't have any pictures to add to this post.
however... there were many firsts that happened in the month of september.

1. ava went to her first day of school. so exciting! that is in an entry below if you want to read more.

2. we also went to ava's first "official" birthday party. ava was so excited to recieve the invitation in the mail, go pick out a special present, and then attend the party. her experience was complete with a grab bag of goodies to take home. happy birthday lexi!

3.the other thing that is big news.. one day last week, vinnie, florie and i picked ava up at school. we decided to have a special lunch date. it was the first official time we were able to actually sit down and have lunch. Oh, and earlier.. the entire family went to the Good Earth for dinner. We have probably been able to before now.. but haven't taken the challenge without more adult help. We typically eat meals at home, as it is so much easier and CHEAPER now that there are five of us.

the biggest FIRST is yet to come. God willing, Scott and I will be leaving the kids for the first time ever in a couple of weeks. It is our fifth anniversary on October 23, so we booked a trip to Mexico. still waiting on a couple of things to fall into place before we are certain. I haven't been away from any of the kids (even ava) for more than one night.. maybe two max. Not longer than 48 hours, and this will be nearly a week!

anything firsts happening at your house? in your life?


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  1. It will be hard to leave the kids but you'll have a great time! So who will be caring for the kids while you're gone?