Thursday, September 17, 2009

first day of school

our sweet, loyal, predictable three year old had her first days of preschool this week. both scott and i dropped her off on tuesday.. and much to my prediction.. she did not cry, i was the one that teared up. she was very quiet when we said we were leaving, and stuck close to one of her teachers the entire morning. the first day she was the "fish feeder", and today she brought a snack of her choice for the entire class. today she was more reluctant to be left, and even cried for a moment. however, at pick up, "miss pat" reported that ava seemed for comfortable than on tuesday. she is our little sweetie. once she feels comfortable and secure, she will certainly love school. she has always loved learning, and has an internal curiousity that will suit her well in learning situations.

here are a couple of pics from the first day.

doesn't the school look so big compared to her?

ready or not... here she comes!

ava and mom stop for a picture.

when she arrives every morning, she needs to put her name stick in "the middle" and then wash her hands.


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