Monday, September 28, 2009

contagious laughter...

watch this video:

vinnie and florie think they are hysterical.
sure to brighten your day...

sorry. i am not sure how to do a direct link... audra, can you help me?



  1. To post a direct link, highlight the text you want to use as your link, then click the little button that looks like the earth with a chain at the top of it. (It's to the right of the Text color button, and to the left of the "left justified" button.)
    OR you can put the video directly on your blog by using the "embed" code that YouTube gives you when you post a video. Just copy and paste it into your blog. :)

  2. P.S. That video was SO stinkin' cute! I love those kids!

  3. thanks a.
    i thought that is what i tried.
    i may need you to show me in real life.