Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my boy is 11 months..

vincent king,
for only one short month you are still considered an infant. this year has gone by so quickly. i can't wait to watch you grow into your personality.. although there are so many traits that are already obvious. you are a momma's boy like no other.. which is 100 percent okay with me. you are sensitive, like to tease me by saying dada instead of mama, and love to snuggle. you are moving quickly around the house.. speed crawling i would call it. you also walk along ther furniture, and are so proud of your accomplishments. you love to play in the bathroom, and both your dad and i have found you splashing in the toilet... speaking of splashing, you love the bathtub. thanks for being my boy...here's to the last month of babyhood!
i love you buddy.

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