Saturday, June 27, 2009

hello. again. hello.

anyone know that neil diamond song? ha ha.
anyway... sorry. i have been MIA as far as blog.. and internet life goes completely.
wish i could say it was some sort of pledge on my part.. to be on the computer less. it wasn't really intentional, however.. i have enjoyed the little break.. or at least not being so attached to checking email, facebook, etc.
since my last post... we have been busy. the first two weeks of june were the end of my school year. that is always a busy, fun, somewhat sad time.
this year, i attended the 8th grade graduation. it was my very first class.. i taught most of them when they were in grade 3. i teared up on several occasions as i sat in the audience. i listened to essays they had written, and was amazed at how well they can write. i watched as certain kids were honored. i cried when it was mentioned that two of the 8th graders had lost parents during their years at MJDS. i thought of how much i will cry when my own kids graduate.

we have also been out enjoying the summer as best we can. this summer, compared to last the three kids and i are out and about. we have been to many pools, parks and playdates. we play in our own kiddie pool. we just enjoy each and everyday the best we know how.

florence is now walking everywhere. vinnie is getting closer, although he has pretty much mastered crawling, and would rather do that instead. they are complete delights. it is so hard to believe we are nearing a year since they were born. wow.

ava is for sure a three year old, as she will often tell you. she is very verbal.. for better or worse. she too, is a delight, and makes me laugh everyday. we look forward to the babies morning nap.. when we get some alone mommy/ava time.

we have gone to the lake a lot on the weekends... which gives us time to relax, swim and enjoy life as a family. we have some projects going on around the house too.. but i will write more about that another time. v and f just woke from a nap.. so i am off to play with them.


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