Tuesday, June 2, 2009

for the love of the kids..

all of our parents love their grandkids... unconditionally.
our kids are lucky to spend three days a week with my mom and margie, soaking in all the love they have to share. one day two weeks ago, gammy takes it to an interesting level. ava convinced her to run thru the sprinkler.. fully clothed. come to think of it.. scott's dad, "papa" did it a week or so ago. some things are better left to the grandparents.

then today, when ava was supposed to be sleeping, my mom went in and told her to lay down. they then had the following conversation:

G: ava lay down, time to rest.
A: but g, i have to call someone.
G: who do you need to call ava?
A: my friend. i am not sure what her name is, but she lives in russia.

she keeps them on their toes to be sure.


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