Wednesday, March 25, 2009

vincent and florence

we made it to 9 months! hooray! honestly.. i have said this nearly 100 times. "it has never been as hard as people told me it would be." for certain.. .every month and milestone that passes, life gets easier. i don't think any of us could imagine our lives without them. yesterday i was in a conversation at work, describing how it is so interesting that two kids could come out of the same womb. florie is independent, busy, and curious. she is constantly smiling, but wants to be on the go. vinnie, is also a smilier. however, he is also way more sensitive, and cares none about moving. as he sits, he likes to see how things work, and i often observe him moving the "parts" of a toy. i would say she is like me, and he like his dad. they are only 9 months though, so much could change. twice the love, laughter and life is more than twice as nice. love to my babies.

in the hospital

5 months

7 months



  1. Florie looks so much like ava in the sink picture! Great way to keep us informed! Cute!

  2. Are you sure that picture was at 4 months? Seems much more recent...but you are the Momma so I'm sure you are correct! Love the blog-keep up the good work....

    Love you all-