Saturday, March 28, 2009

the boss...

so, i am still figuring out exactly what parts of our lives our blogworthy. the truth is, probably not much. however.... if you are choosing to read, i presume you are choosing to be entertained, and care about the little things.

yesterday, ava and scott were about to leave the house. here is how the conversation went..

A- "mommy, daddy says i have to go potty. i don't want to go potty."
Me- "ava, we always go potty before we leave the house, so you don't have to go in the car."
A- (to scott) "mommy will help me. she is the boss."
scott proceeds to follow her into the bathroom to help her, as i am feeding vinnie and florie.
A- "no daddy... moooommmy will do it. she is the boss."
Scott- "ava, mommy might be the boss, but i am the king."
A- "no daddy. mom is the boss and you are the dad."

today the sunshine is out. this morning my mom's family is gathering to celebrate gram's 90th birthday. it is a good day to smile.

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