Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow angel?

sweet ava has spent the first part of the winter fussing and carrying on anytime a jacket was mentioned. she thinks they feel "tight", and didn't want to wear one. I can hardly blame her, as they aren't my favorite either.. however, i have learned that as a minnesotan, i need to embrace a good coat.

anyhow.. back to ava. it was early january, and scott and i held our breath as we dropped her at school. we both knew, that the teachers said "thursdays we go outside. you need a jacket, hat, mittens, snow pants and boots." early in the week we talked about practicing with her, and that she would need to do it at school. well, thursday rolled around and we never practiced. i went to work, and felt guilty for leaving the task to scott.

she came home that day.. completely in love with playing outside, and has worn her boots and jacket ever since. best money i have paid for preschool thus far.

here is the little snow angel-


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